The Big Dig Tour

K. M. Peterson

This is a chronicle of my tour of Boston's "Big Dig" taken on 30 August 2000. The tour was led by Sean O'Neill of the Central Artery/Tunnel Authority (CA/T).

01-overviewss-1 02-overviewss-2 03-overviewss-3 04-overviewss-4 05-overviewss-5 06-overviewss-6
Overview 1 Overview 2 Overview 3 Overview 4 Overview 5 Overview 6
07-overviewss-7 08-overviewss-8 09-tjack-1 10-tunneldig-1 11-tunneldig-2 12-tunneldig-3
Overview 7 Overview 8 Tunnel Jacking Tunnel Dig 1 Tunnel Jacking 2 Tunnel Dig 2
13-tunneldig-cables 14-groupandpipes 15-intunnel-1 16-intunnel-2 17-intunnel-3 18-intunnel-4
Tunnel Jacking 3 Pipes Tunnel Wall Tunnel Const. 1 Tunnel Const. 2 Tunnel Const. 3
19-intunnel-5 20-intunnel6 21-intunnel-7 22-intunnel-8 23-intunnel9 24-intunnel-10
Tunnel Const. 4 Red Line Tunnel Const. 5 Tunnel Const. 6 Leaving Tunnel Tunnel Const. 7
25-gloryhole 26-bridgecables 27-bridgedeck-1 28-bridgeold-1 29-bridgecables-1 30-bridgecables-2
Glory Hole Bridge Cables Anc. Bridge Deck 1 Old Bridge 1 Bridge Cables 1 Bridge Cables 2
31-bridgecables-3 32-bridgecables-4 33-group-1 34-bridgecables-5 35-bridgeview-1 36-bridgeview-2
Brdige Cables 3 Bridge Cables 4 Tour Group 1 Bridge Cables 5 Bridge View 1 Bridge View 2
37-bridgeview-3 38-bridgecables-6 39-bridgecables-7 40-bridgecables-8 41-bridgeview-4 41-group-2
Bridge View 3 Bridge Cables 6 Bridge Cables 7 Bridge Cables 8 Bridge View 4 Group 2
42-group-3 43-bridgestruct 44-bridgeold-2 45-bridgeold-3 46-bridgeold-4
Group 3 Bridge Structure Old Bridge 2 Old Bridge 3 Old Bridge 4

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