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Race and Everett

Mount Race, Mount Everett Mount Washington, Mass., 31 July 2011 download|preview

Mt. Pisgah, Vermont

Hiking Pisgah, which is near Lake Willoughby, Westmore, Vermont. Labor Day Weekend, 4 September 2011 download|preview


Train trip SAV-WAS-BOS

GPS trace of a train trip from Savannah, Georgia to Washington, D.C. to Boston, in July 2009. download|preview


Westport, Mass.

Riding around with Jan, David and Kate, 20 August 2011. download|preview

Concord, Mass.

A ride out to Concord on 24 September 2011. download|preview

“Around Boston”

Early November weather - 69° and beautiful! 8 November 2011: This was a ride to find a way out of the the urban center towards the south/southwest; visit the Blue Hills, Neponset River Bikeway, Pope John Paul II Park, HarborWalk and Boston. download|preview

Somerset, Mass.

Ride to Somerset, Mass., 12 July 2012. Visiting our friends in Dartmouth, figured it would be fun to ride there instead of driving. Chose to meet Jan in Somerset, Mass., rather than Dartmouth since there was a diner there that we wanted to try (and that wouldn't inconvenience the group who might have been waiting for us in Dartmouth). Got the route via Google Maps “bicycling directions” - mostly a good choice. download|preview

Westport, Mass., 2012

Riding around with Jan, David and Kate, 7 July 2012. A different ride than last year; as there was damage from Irene that we needed to avoid. Thanks (again), David! download|preview

Rhode Island, 2012

Presumably the ride to cap off the summer. Jan picked out the East Bay Trail, running South and East from Providence, RI. I thought this might be a relatively easy ride, so I added a ride beforehand to Providence from home. I planned the route to include two trails, the Southern New England Trunk Trail, and the Blackstone Valley Bike Trail. The former: not so good. The latter: lovely. And the East Bay Trail was very enjoyable, too (though the bridge with the initial segment from Providence is closed, and I did get a bit off course as well).
Two segments - to Providence download|preview and the East Bay ride download|preview

Lawrence, Mass.

A ride to the Bread and Roses Festival on Labor Day, 3 September 2012. download|preview