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I'm a member of BBLISA, the Boston-based Large Systems Administrators organization. I've given two tutorials and a short presentation in the past few years at our meetings.

VoIP and Asterisk

13 May 2013 Asterisk is an open-source telephone system (technically, something called a PBX). I talked about the how and why of Voice over IP, and outlined a working Asterisk system. Info

An Introduction to Bacula

14 March 2012 Bacula is a popular backup system - perhaps the leading open-source backup system today. It's got a reasonably sophisticated architecture and is enterprise ready. My presentation discussed the structure of the package, and provided some sample implementations. Info

Lightning Talks

10 April 2013 Some short topic videos from that evening.


I've been enjoying using a GPS and tracking hikes, (bike) rides and (train rides). Hikes, Rides, and Trains

Private CA

I use a private certificate authority for my domains. Download CA certificate