BBLISA Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks at BBLISA - Back Bay LISA - 10 April 2013, 7:30 p.m. MIT E51-149

Your choice of topics - 5 minutes, one slide. I did two of these, solving two problems that I had. The first was how to send SMS pages without having to use email, or sign up for a service that was optimized and priced to send thousands of SMS messages per month. The second was how to escrow keys in a way to not have to trust any one person - or their systems.

SMS Paging with AWS

Here's the slide and annotated version.
Note that the AWS credentials aren't actually valid.

Video (via YouTube) from the presentation:

SSSS - Secret Sharing Scheme 

The slide and annotated version.

Video (via YouTube) from the presentation:

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My other presentations: A Technical Introduction to Bacula, BBLISA March, 2012 and Asterisk and VoIP (Upcoming, BBLISA May, 2013).


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