This is the index for the public photographs on my site. I also have some public photographs on Flickr. Pictures from our wedding are on our wedding site,

Hummingbirds, Grafton
Took some time to watch hummingbirds in Vermont, August 2014
Oregon vacation trip
Photographs from summer vacation in Oregon, July, 2013
Photos of me...
Utah trip, July 2011
Photographs from our trip to Utah
Joan Peterson
My mother, Joan Peterson, died in 2010. I've posted some photographs of her.
The Gates
Photographs of my visit to The Gates - the installation by Christo and Jeanne-Claude, in February 2005.
Uganda Trip, 2005
I visited Kampala for JSI in February, 2005. I also got to travel to Jinja, the Zoo near Entebbe, and Mubende.
I took some photographs from my parents house on Skidaway Island, in Savannah, Georgia in the 2003 timeframe.
Italy and Paris, 2002
Our trip to Italy and Paris in 2002. A walking trip through Tuscany, then a train trip for a few days in Paris.
New Mexico, April 2003
A visit to Santa Fe and environs.
Big Dig Tour!
A group of us got a tour of the Big Dig project in Boston, on 30 August 2000. Pictures of the tunnels and bridge.
Images 1999
Pictures from trips and family events from 1999
West Coast/Family Vacation 1998
Several days in San Francisco with my brother and our friends there, then Portland, Oregon.