25 July 2013

Earlier this year, I implemented a new workflow to put my pictures online. I've just started putting up galleries using the new system. I've updated the index to look a bit more modern, along with an updated gallery of pictures from our vacation in Utah in 2011, and new photos from Oregon this month. (Still have a few more things to do here, though.)

5 November 2012

I've updated my resume to better highlight some of the projects that I've been working on for the past couple of years. In addition to the (authoritative) PDF version, the text version has some additional keywords that might be of use to those scanning for them.

15 March 2012

I presented an introduction to and my experiences with Bacula at yesterday's BBLISA meeting. The presentation - and a VM that I used for demonstration purposes - are available.

28 February 2012

Dad's been busy traveling again, this time to Vietnam and Cambodia... check out new pictures on his pages.

8 June 2011

Since I've been working on IPv6 as one of my projects, I decided to put this site up on an IPv6-capable server. If you go to www.kmpeterson.com and your browser can access IPv6 sites, today you'll see a badge on the front page. (Otherwise, access shouldn't be affected...). After today, the IPv6 site will be a strict mirror of the IPv4 site.

14 March 2011

Dad's back from another trip, this time to Australia and New Zealand, and has pictures of his trip online.

12 February 2011

Big update for the website today. This would be "v4" - the fourth version; last updated in, oh, say 2003.

The site has been re-written completely (although not entirely redesigned). The biggest changes are on the resume, photos (galleries), and the quote page. I'd love to get feedback or questions!

23 August 2010

My mother, Joan V. I. Peterson, died today, in Savannah. Obituary

5 March 2010

My father, Pete, just returned from a trip to Egypt and Jordan - I've posted his photographs.

8 February 2010

I've updated my resume - added my most recent accomplishments - all on the resume pages. Note that the PDF version is really the most readable.

31 December 2009

Happy New Year, everyone.

1 December 2009

Haven't updated news in a while... what's new? Jan and I got married - see october3rd.us for our pictures &c.!